Goele De Bruyn

VdV, 2013

a documentary exhibition on Henry van de Velde
in contemporary art practice
30 november - 21 december 2013
ft. Goele De Bruyn, Sofie Haesaerts, Gert Robijns, Filip Verreyke
curated by Franziz Denyz


Focusing on aspects of the practice of four contemporary artists, the exhibition checks some artistic and intellectual démarches of Henry van de Velde. Through his entire oeuvre Henry van de Velde proclaims theoretical points of view, which were revolutionary in different ways and bear witness to his extreme ‘sense of reality’ (as opposed to a romantic view on it) as far as the position of the creative genius in the society is concerned. In particular in his vision on going and bringing together different art forms (architecture, visual and applied arts) and life itself(!) with view to the ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’. With reference to the versatile and many decades spanning oeuvre and ideas of this Belgian painter, designer, architect, teacher and founder of two art schools, the strategies used by the four artists in their practice are analysed. In particular the way they fulfill their role as visual artists and the way their work functions in a larger whole will be checked on. To do so, not the strict exhibiting of their art work will be the basis but a documentary approach of the aspects we judge relevant in their practice as an artist, completed with original artifacts and works of art.